International Journal of Human Rights Education (IJHRE)

Happy Open Access Week!

As part of the University of San Francisco’s open access efforts, we are very excited to announce the summer 2017 launch of the International Journal of Human Rights Education (IJHRE). This journal is an independent double-blind peer-reviewed open-sourced online journal housed at the University of San Francisco in partnership with the USF Libraries. It is dedicated to the examination of the theory, philosophy, and praxis central to the field of human rights education. Currently, there is no journal dedicated to the field, and the aim in launching this journal is to be a centralized location for critical thought in the field as it continues to expand. Key to this mission is ensuring that the journal is and remains accessible, both to potential contributors and readers. The core audience of the journal is comprised of human rights policy makers, educators, scholars, students, and practitioners of human rights education and related forms of education.

Seeds of Peace, 2008. Mural directors: Susan Cervantes and Miranda Bergman. Location: Exterior wall, Good Earth Natural and Organic Foods, Fairfax, CA.

The first issue will publish July 2017 and include feature articles, book reviews, curriculum reviews, and notes from the field.  We also look forward to thematic issues, highlighting current, global discussions in the field of human rights education, retrospectives on meaningful moments in the history of human rights education, and forecasts on the future of the field.

For more information on the journal, please contact Dr. Monisha Bajaj, or Ria DasGupta,

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