Celebrate Fair Use Week!

What is fair use? 

Fair use is a part of copyright law, and describes how ownership over copyright is limited in order to benefit our society.

It’s what allows teachers to use materials in the classroom, artists to remix to create new works, and comedians to parody the news.

What is Fair Use Week?

Fair Use Week takes place the last week of February, and is a time to celebrate how this special and important part of copyright law has allowed us all to use copyrighted material.

How can I learn more about fair use?

The Gleeson Library and Zief Law Library are partnering on an event, please join us for conversation and snacks!

Fair Use Week 2017 Brown Bag: Using Copyrighted Work in Your Courses
Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: 12-1 pm
Where: Zief Law Library, Terrace Room
Contact: Scholarly Communications Librarian Charlotte Roh, croh2@usfca.edu
I can’t make it to this event, where can I learn more?
The Center for Social and Media Impact has fair use guidelines for many situations at http://cmsimpact.org/program/fair-use/.
You can also talk to any librarian at Gleeson, or contact Charlotte Roh at croh2@usfca.edu

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