Spotlight on Trans Women

In honor of Women’s History Month and in light of the critiques of the exclusivity of the Women’s March, I created a display next to the Reference Desk about the experience of trans folk, with emphasis placed on trans women of color. The 2017 Women’s March focused on a genital-based feminism where womanhood was linked to possessing the right genitalia, subsequently excluding trans women. The exclusion of trans women from “women’s spaces” has been a reoccurring theme, contributing to the societal violence against trans women. It is important to maintain an intersectional approach when engaging in activism for women’s issues. It is essential to include trans women during Women’s History Month, specifically trans women of color who experience increased levels of violence against their bodies.

Swing by the display, pick up a book, or pick up a reading list.

Editor’s note: This blog post was written by Ariana Varela, a student assistant in the Reference & Research Services Department and the Rare Book Room at Gleeson Library.


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