Sex Trafficking Exhibit

USF students Chelsea Noack, Natalie Montoya, and Tracy Tran contribute to the Student Social Justice Exhibits with their installation on sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is a modern day form of slavery that is worth billions of dollars. There are hundreds of thousands of victims, 98% of them being women and girls. The inner workings of the sex trade are insidious and subtle, as young girls who are lured into that world are promised love and money. Want to learn how to put an end to the enslavement of sex trafficking victims? Check out the display in Gleeson Library! The installation includes general information on sex trafficking, statistics, hotline numbers, and a documentary on the issue is also playing as well. The display also includes stories of trafficking survivors from around the world.


Gleeson Library invites USF students to create library displays on social justice issues near and dear to you. You come up with the idea and design your own signage. The library will supply the space and the books. Sound intriguing? We’d love to hear from you. Please email to collaborate on a student social justice exhibit.


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