New Documentaries from Docuseek

This week we added to the library catalog several notable titles from Docuseek, a robust collection of streaming video documentaries from top distributors like Bullfrog Films, First Run Features, and dGenerate Films. All of them are available to USF students, faculty and staff. Some of the latest additions are: ’63 Boycott– Connects the massive 1963 … Continue reading New Documentaries from Docuseek

Thanks giving

Many of us celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to gather with family and friends, have a feast, and practice gratitude or a little football. For some, though, Thanksgiving is a painful reminder of how Native Americans’ land and their very lives have been under assault for hundreds of years. The indigenous history of “the first … Continue reading Thanks giving

Faculty Requests

Everything’s coming up shiny and fresh with the start of the academic year — new and returning students, new classes, and hot-off-the-press syllabi with library resources to back them up. Faculty, please make your requests for library acquisitions and library instruction as early as possible, to give library staff the time we need to get … Continue reading Faculty Requests

Fantastic voyages

Articles about a couple of books caught my eye today. Both feature fantastic voyages, though one was real and one entirely fictional. The first book, Aurura Australis, was the first ever printed in Antarctica — written, illustrated, AND printed by bored and lonely sailors aboard the Nimrod on the first of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions, … Continue reading Fantastic voyages

Film and Video for Classroom and More

Twenty years ago, students and faculty relied almost exclusively on text-based resources, but these days, people increasingly turn to video content for learning and teaching. Besides a wealth of educational, how-to, and documentary films and video clips available,  fiction films let us travel through time to explore how people looked, dressed, spoke, worked and played … Continue reading Film and Video for Classroom and More

Holiday gift for movie lovers, from the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress today announced: Sixty-four motion pictures, named to the Library’s National Film Registry, are now available online on the Library’s website. The collection, “Selections from the National Film Registry,” is also available to the public on YouTube. These films are among hundreds of titles that have been tapped for preservation because of their cultural, historical … Continue reading Holiday gift for movie lovers, from the Library of Congress

Digital Library Collections: Treasures from Around the World

Treasures from library collections around the world are in the spotlight at Gleeson Library, in honor of International Education Week. Stop by the reference desk to see books that feature amazing collections from some of the world’s most fabulous libraries, a beautiful slideshow, and an interactive display of more treasures from international library and archives’ digital … Continue reading Digital Library Collections: Treasures from Around the World