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A new look for the database list

The database list at Gleeson Library has a new look! Find it from the home page:
Search > Databases and on the Databases page, click “A to Z List of Databases.” Here you will see the treasure trove of electronic resources.

click to see a larger view

Search by subject

Discover a subject-specific database beyond your old favorites.

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Search by type

Looking for a particular kind of content? Narrow in on specific types of research studies, data, and other resources.

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Search for a keyword

Do you remember part of a title or something about a database’s contents? Use the search box.

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** Perhaps you can’t remember what it’s called but you know who publishes it. Give the Vendor menu a try.

The A to Z list augments the research guides created by librarians to assist you in finding resources on your subject. You’ll see the research guides getting spruced up as well over the next few months. Check them out from the home page:
Guides & Tools > Research Guides.

We welcome suggestions via our Email the Reference Department form.

Image: Pasta Alphabet by Sandy

Get the score on sports resources at Gleeson

Hey, sport! During a recent reference desk shift, a researcher in the library asked me for statistics about badminton participation. I happily recommended the Sports Market Analytics database (previously known as SBRNet).

SMA gathers in-depth analytics on both professional and hobby sports: Continue reading Get the score on sports resources at Gleeson

Gleeson hosts third annual Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Gleeson Library/Art+Feminism* 2017 Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

A Women’s History Month Program

Thursday, March 9, 2017
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Gleeson Library 2nd Floor

In conjunction with the New York-based organization Art+Feminism and USF’s Art + Architecture program, Gleeson Library is hosting a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon. Continue reading Gleeson hosts third annual Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Bill and Miguel’s Excellent Earth Day

William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died 400 years ago on 23 April. Earth Day is 22 April. In the spirit of conservation and commemoration, Gleeson Library celebrated the days with one glorious mashup. We joined the Earth Day Celebration on Thursday 21 April in Gleeson Plaza. And we’re asking people to put their own spin on passages from Shakespeare and Cervantes with our “Recycle a Classic” fill-in-the-blank game.


23 April is World Book and Copyright Day, chosen by UNESCO because it is the traditional date marking the deaths of Shakespeare and Cervantes. (They died on the same date but not the same day because time is slippery.)

Miguel de Cervantes
circa September 1547 – April 22 1616


Image credit: Maren Salomon

William Shakespeare
circa April 1564 – April 23 1616


Image credit: Maren Salomon

2016 is Shakespeare crazy because of the 400th anniversary.

Planet Earth
circa 4.5 billion years ago – present


Image Credit: NASA


MFA in Writing Department Library Showcases USF Authors

To step into the University of San Francisco Master of Fine Arts in Writing office is to see immediate proof of the program’s success. The bookcases of the department library proudly display the most recent publications by USF MFAW alumni and faculty. Liz Iversen, program assistant, maintains the department library as a resource for students and faculty in the MFA program, providing the added benefit of promoting the program to prospective students.

Liz Iversen, Program Assistant for Master of Fine Arts in Writing Department

Liz receives frequent updates from alumni and tracks faculty author readings to find new works with USF MFAW connections. She adds these to the collection along with works from authors who participate in the Emerging Writers Festival and MFA Reading Series. Rounding out the collection are journals, periodicals, indexes, and classic writing reference books.

Liz coordinates an active presence on Twitter and Facebook. Daily posts announce new faculty, student, and alumni publications, free magazines, and USF literary events. She notes followers from on campus and around the world.

Liz’s strong connection with alumni is an important resource for Reference Librarian Colette Hayes as she develops Gleeson’s literature collection.

Future goals for the MFAW library include creating online access to the library’s list of titles to increase visibility. Liz also looks forward to partnering with Gleeson Library on events. And as always, the MFAW office will continue collecting works by faculty and alumni. So keep on writing!

Follow the USF MFAW program on Facebook and on Twitter.

Does your department have a library? We’d love to hear about it. Contact Justine Withers at

Just the Facts
Started Early 2000s
Size Four bookcases
Open to MFA in Writing students, faculty and staff, and alumni
Circulation policy One month plus one renewal
Collection Works by current and recent MFA instructors; writers who have read on campus, including the Emerging Writers Festival and MFA Reading Series; journals and periodicals; writing reference


Strengthening Connections with Department Libraries at USF

Department libraries complement the Gleeson Library collection by offering specially curated resources for shorter circulation periods or in multiple copies. Recent visits to the in-house libraries at the Department of English and the Center for Teaching Excellence highlighted how Gleeson librarians can work with departments to share knowledge in both directions. Program assistants who maintain libraries are a powerful contact for librarians to advertise new Gleeson holdings and get recommendations for new acquisitions.

Kimberly Garrett, Program Assistant for the Department of English and Honors Program in the Humanities, maintains the English Department library. She encourages students to visit the department library first to “get their feet wet” with the small, focused collection. After that introduction, they can expand their research at Gleeson Library by delving into literary criticism and related works.

Kimberly Garrett and the Department of English Library

Although Kimberly received her degree here at USF in History and Politics, she displays an equal love of literature and has developed sharp instincts. She knows of new works before they’ve become the talk of the literary world. She started the library in 2009 to collect the latest literary highlights, works from the annual Emerging Writers Festival, and faculty recommendations.

As she develops the collection, one of Kimberly’s focal points is multicultural literature from around the world to balance the program’s heavy focus on American and British literature. In addition to literature, essays, and poetry, the library contains creative writing reference and how-to guides, literature theory to help write papers, and works by USF English Department faculty.

Faculty and students learn about the latest acquisitions in the monthly department newsletter. Colette Hayes, Reference Librarian and new Liaison for the Department of English, is happy to be given space in the newsletter to highlight new resources at Gleeson. She and Kimberly plan to work closely to share recommendations.

Katie Hoffman, Program Assistant for the Center for Teaching Excellence (and USF Department of English alumna), started the CTE Lending Library in 2014 as a way to store and distribute works covered in the CTE Summer Book Club. She contacted Gina Solares, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Management, for advice on organizing the collection. Katie continues to collect every book used in a faculty teaching workshop as well as other faculty recommendations.

Katie Hoffman and the Center for Teaching Excellence Library

Faculty are encouraged to stop by the CTE Office and can view the collection’s holdings online. The small collection—let’s call it efficient—focuses on teaching practice and current issues facing universities. In addition to books, CTE has an online collection of interviews with faculty discussing a wide range of topics. Recordings can be streamed or downloaded.

Does your department have a library? We’d love to hear about it. Contact Justine Withers, Electronic and Continuing Resources Catalog Librarian, at

Just the Facts

Department of English Center for Teaching Excellence
Started Fall 2009 2014
Size Three bookcases Two shelves and online podcast collection
Open to English majors, minors, faculty and staff, and Honors students in Humanities All faculty
Circulation policy Two weeks plus one renewal of two weeks As long as needed
Collection Literature, essays, poetry, creative writing reference and how-to, literature theory Teaching practice and current issues in higher education