Make Zines!

Join us for an evening of reading zines, talking about zines, and making zines. We will make mini-zines, stitch and bind some zines, and create some collaborative zines.  You can contribute a page to a zine about social justice, your weirdest dream, your favorite spot in San Francisco.  For more information, check out the Gleeson Zine … Continue reading Make Zines!

O’Reilly-Safari: new look, more books

Enhance your learning on the new O’Reilly-Safari platform. Gleeson Library | Geschke Center now brings you unlimited access to their Academic Catalog: over 48,000 books, videos, case studies, learning paths, and content from O’Reilly conferences, from beginner to advanced. Read online or download to their app for offline use. You might know O’Reilly-Safari for its … Continue reading O’Reilly-Safari: new look, more books

Mallette Dean, a Printmaker and His Art by John T. Hawk

Congratulations to Gleeson Library’s rare book librarian, John Hawk, on the publication of his book Mallette Dean, a Printmaker and His Art, published by the Book Club of California. The book documents the work of Mallette Dean (1907-1975) who was a California artist, illustrator, and letterpress printer. Dean was a W.P.A. artist who contributed panels to Coit … Continue reading Mallette Dean, a Printmaker and His Art by John T. Hawk

Fantastic voyages

Articles about a couple of books caught my eye today. Both feature fantastic voyages, though one was real and one entirely fictional. The first book, Aurura Australis, was the first ever printed in Antarctica — written, illustrated, AND printed by bored and lonely sailors aboard the Nimrod on the first of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions, … Continue reading Fantastic voyages