Wikipedia’s Women Problem

James Gleick reports on “Wikipedia’s Women Problem” in the New York Review of Books: There is consternation at Wikipedia over the discovery that hundreds of novelists who happen to be female were being systematically removed from the category “American novelists” and assigned to the category “American women novelists.” … The word that came to mind … was … Continue reading Wikipedia’s Women Problem

Justin Bieber’s Fake Fans Revealed

Justin Bieber currently has more than 37 million followers on twitter. Unfortunately, according to Socialbakers, almost 16.7 million of those followers are fake or empty accounts and another 2.6 million accounts are inactive. Bieber’s 17.8 million “good” followers still make him the second-most popular Twitter user behind Lady Gaga who has 19 million real followers. … Continue reading Justin Bieber’s Fake Fans Revealed


Fusion is a new tool that will allow you search, in one place, the majority of the library’s books and articles. It will include all the materials in our library catalog Ignacio, as well as the content of the majority of our many, many journal article databases. Figuring out where to start looking for articles … Continue reading Fusion

Online Service Interruptions March 4-6

In preparation for the Lo Schiavo CSI Building construction in May, ITS will be conducting infrastructure work that will result in service disruptions. For the Library, this means interruptions to network  and Internet access. When these interruptions occur, this will also affect off-campus access to all online library services such as: Article Databases Ignacio, the … Continue reading Online Service Interruptions March 4-6