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Go Read Summer Challenge

Gleeson Library joins with GoUSF to bring you our first-ever Go Read Summer Challenge. We encourage you to read a book (or more if desired) this summer. Enjoy the liberty and discover new adventures found in its pages. Join the challenge by logging into your Hubbub account or signup if you haven’t already! Log in those minutes!

Not sure what to read for the summer? The books surrounding you don’t feel challenging? Your Gleeson staff and librarians have put together two displays of recommendations and award winning literature for you to choose from. You can find our summer hours here.


Happy Reading!!

Go Read Challenge
Wednesday, June 1 – Thursday, June 30
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Join the Go Read Challenge by yourself or encourage your family and/or friends to participate with you! Throughout June, check in each time that any of you read for 20 minutes. To complete this challenge, you must check in 20 times. All USF employees who complete the Go Read challenge will be entered into a raffle to win a prize!

Book Recommendations
Wednesday, June 1 – Thursday, June 30
Gleeson Library

Looking for a good summer read? Check out the favorite picks from Gleeson’s staff or browse from a selection of books that have won the Pulitzer, Mann Booker, Orange, Agatha, or Hugo awards. The Staff Picks display is located on the first floor of the library near the puzzle tables, and the Award Picks display is located near the reference desk under the LCD TV screen.

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Gleeson’s April Action

In living the mission of the University of San Francisco,  living, learning and social justice is part of what April Action embodies. It is a time of giving back to the community. April Action is a hands-on volunteering opportunity available to the USF community and its Alumni, organized by USF Ministry and Office of Alumni Engagement. This year we wanted to take our service beyond the walls of Gleeson.

With the help of University Ministry, your Gleeson Staff Development Committee partnered with San Francisco – Marin Food Bank for a two day volunteering event. The days that lay ahead would turn out to be both a cause of anxiety and rewarding in more ways than one.

Situated on the 900 block of Pennsylvania Ave. and 23rd St. the San Francisco – Marin Food Bank is a spacious warehouse temporarily housing produce, fruit, canned goods and various assorted healthy snacks that are distributed throughout the city of San Francisco and Marin. The friendly staff work along side thousands of volunteers to sort, pack and distribute the daily shipments that are both donated by a wide range of sources and also purchased by the food bank. Staff begin work at 3 AM, volunteers at 9 AM and work runs until 8 PM.

The Monday group, groggily filled with coffee, took to their task at hand. Monday’s items on the list were corn kernels and fruit strips; we were assigned the fruit strips. Not a strenuous task but it proved to require organization, problem-solving skills and an effective collaborating team.

On day one an estimated total of about 2,200 bags containing 24 fruit strips were sorted, bagged and tied. The snack bags would be shipped to schools to support the city’s Morning Snack Program working to provide students with healthy snacks that will help them focus on their school activities.  In the short time that Gleeson’s Monday group hustled and bustled,  we were able to contribute approximately  200+ bags. I’d say not too shabby for four ladies.

Before Monday could come to an end, some recon work had to be done to get a feel for what the second group would except on their afternoon shift on Tuesday. Instead of fruit strips, there was cabbage…32,256 lbs of cabbage. Group #2 did not back down at the sight of an intimidating mound of leafy greens. With sweat, tears, and hopefully no blood, Tuesday’s volunteers packed approximately 30 pallets.

April 18th and 19th marked Gleeson’s first April Action, and hopefully it will not be the last. Thank you to those who were able to join us. Thank to you University Ministry and to San Francisco-Marin Food Bank for the amazing community work that they do.


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“I had a great time working at the food bank! My group was able to put our well-honed librarian skills of efficiency and organization to process hundreds of snacks for local organizations. It was great to volunteer with Gleeson coworkers who I don’t see often or don’t work beside each day. And I was really grateful for the opportunity to help my SF community for a couple of hours on a Monday.  It started the week off perfectly.” – Colette

“I left the Food Bank feeling happy.  We worked hard, had a good time and left knowing we had made a difference. A lot of people will have healthy food to eat because of the work we did.  I will volunteer again and I plan on bringing my daughter for one of the shifts that they allow kids to participate” -Matt

“It’s always a wonderful experience volunteering at SF-Marin Food Bank. The staff are very sweet and they really care about the work they are doing. It means a lot to be able to help our community, to give back to those who need that extra help and to make a positive difference. This experience not only makes me love this city more, it has also created a stronger camaraderie among our Gleeson family.” – Fabiola

Celebrate National Library Week With Us!

Unlimited Possibilities @ Your Library

Today is the beginning of National Library Week (April 12 – 18, 2015), and we would like nothing more than to celebrate with you, Gleeson Library patrons and staff. If you appreciate the library, show us what you’ve made using the hashtag #librarymade @gleesonlibrary on Instagram or @gleesonlibrary on Twitter.


But, above all, drop by the library foyer at 2 pm on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 to have some snacks and show off your appreciation. We wouldn’t be here without you!


IGNATIAN Release Party

As another way to celebrate National Poetry Month, Gleeson Library is co-sponsoring the issue 27 release party for the IGNATIAN LITERARY MAGAZINE.


The IGNATIAN has had a long tradition here at USF, and the library has collected issues from past years. Other past years not held in Gleeson are available in the English Department office. I had a couple poems published in past issues as an undergraduate student, which brings back fun memories for me. Ultimately, the IGNATIAN is a place for lovers of the written word and art to coalesce at USF to have their work shared and recognized, and Gleeson Library celebrates that!

We’ll be repping at the issue release party, bringing titles mentioned in the new issue, as well as some poetry books from our Poets of Color display, for checkout. Additionally, there will be readings from contributors, readings of poems featured in the Poets of Color display by community attendees, and refreshments! We look forward to celebrating with you then!

Issue 27 Release Party
April 30, 2015
6 pm
Del Santo Reading Room
Lone Mountain, Room 270
University of San Francisco

Poets of Color



Gleeson Library is celebrating National Poetry Month (April) with a display in the lobby foyer of American Poets of Color. We have a couple objectives for the theme of this year’s display: 1) to hear from the poets on the topics of racism, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination because poetry is often less rhetorically charged than politicized prose, as it offers multivalent insight on the many nuances of experience as well as the aesthetic delight and intrigue of poetics, prosody, lyricism, and imagism; 2) to highlight and build the library’s collection of contemporary American poetry written by early and mid-career poets of color; and 3) to connect USF students with poetry voices that are urgent, relatable, and recent.

As such, we invite you to browse/checkout the poetry books we have selected, to take in the individual poems that give voice to the display, and for you to suggest the purchase of books by lesser known American poets of color. To submit a purchase suggestion to the library, please use the “Suggest a Purchase” link through the library’s catalog (on the right side of the screen). With your help, we hope to offer an ever improved display for National Poetry Month next year.

a poem from Tina Chang's 2011 collection, Of Gods & Strangers. Click to enlarge
a poem from Tina Chang’s 2011 collection, Of Gods & Strangers. Click to enlarge
a poem from Saeed Jones's 2014 collection, Prelude to Bruise. Click to enlarge.
a poem from Saeed Jones’s 2014 collection, Prelude to Bruise. Click to enlarge.
a poem from Jericho Brown's 2014 collection, The New Testament. Click to enlarge
a poem from Jericho Brown’s 2014 collection, The New Testament. Click to enlarge.
a poem from Marilyn Chin's 2014 collection, Hard Love Province. Click to enlarge. Click here to access more poems and a recording of the poet reading them.
a poem from Marilyn Chin’s 2014 collection, Hard Love Province. Click to enlarge. Click here to access more of her poems and a recording of the poet reading them.

What’s Up With Valentine’s Day?

Singles awareness day. A conspiracy by greeting card and candy companies. Causes an uptick in suicides. Valentine’s Day sure got a bad rap in contemporary society. Why we so jaded? Is there anything about this holiday that is worthy of celebration?

Early 20th century Valentine’s Day card, showing woman holding heart shaped decoration and flowers, scanned from period card from ca. 1910 with no notice of copyright.

First off, let me refute BuzzFeed‘s assertion that there is a higher instance of suicides on Valentine’s Day. Lester, writing in Perceptual and Motor Skills (a peer-reviewed, academic journal) says, “The present data from the USA for 1972 to 1987 do not reveal an abnormal number of completed suicides or homicides on St. Valentine’s day” (1990, p. 994). Further, Barker et al., writing in Australasian Psychiatry, point out that the effect of the holiday may depend on country, and their Australian study “failed to find an increase in suicides on Valentine’s Day” (2014, p. 125). If you run a search in the library’s Fusion database using the keywords suicide and valentine’s day, you will see studies from other countries as well. Also important to note is the difference in data generated by analyzing attempted suicide vs. completed suicide, and other varying degrees of self harm. Don’t always believe what you read on BuzzFeed, because not only is their assertion unbased, but the “study” they link to is actually an interview with a crisis center director, not a study.

Next, let’s take a look at other research sources that will give us a background of the holiday, and maybe help us celebrate giving and receiving love. If you do a simple keyword search for valentine’s day in Fusion, there is a “research starter” at the top of the page that gives you an overview of the holiday, culled from Encyclopædia Britannica. Click here to view whole encyclopedia entry, but interesting to note is that it became a romantic day to celebrate in the 1300s, there is dispute over which Saint Valentine it is named after, and like many modern holidays, it is connected to a Roman holiday, Lupercalia. To read more overviews of the holiday—some of which actually contradict Encyclopædia Britannica‘s Valentine’s Day information—head over to Gale Virtual Reference Library and run a search on valentine’s day. Did you know that on Valentine’s Day “in 1999, about 3,000 couples in Belarus attempted to set a new world record for the largest kiss-in (previously held by 1,600 couples in Spain); in 2002 more than 1,000 students and teachers at a South African high school went for the world’s biggest hug-in” (Valentine’s Day, 2010)? Isn’t that fun?

If you’re still curious about the holiday, go back to your Valentine’s Day search in Fusion, and click on the scholarly (peer reviewed) journals facet on the left side of the result screen to get rid of the news articles and other fluff. Here you’ll see some interesting, unexpected stuff, like articles on how Valentine’s Day influences perceptions of relationship functioning, mocking Victorian valentines, how the pressure of Valentine’s Day manifests in men’s behavior, and how the timing of the Valentine’s Day holiday affects birth rates. Who thought so much legitimate research could be written about the holiday BuzzFeed loves to hate?


Above all, though, Gleeson Library urges you to celebrate Valentine’s Day as best you see fit. You could come in to the library for a blind date with a book, stop by the Open Heart Workshop on 2/12 to make valentines, or start practicing for your audition for a part in the Vagina Monologues!


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