Tours of the Library

Curious about Gleeson Library? Want to learn more about us?

Join us on a library tour!  A library staff member will take you around the library and tell about the building and the services we have that can help you here at USF. Each tour lasts about 30 minutes.

Library tours are offered:

Tuesday  August 19th @ 12 noon  
Wednesday August 20th @ 4pm  
Thursday August 21st @ 11am  
Friday August 22nd @ 3:30pm  
Saturday August 23rd @ 1pm
There is no need to sign up–just come into the library, past the turnstiles, and we’ll meet in the lobby.

No Power in the Library March 9

There will be no power in the library on March 9th. As a result, the library’s research databases will be unavailable.

Power_LinesFacilities Management will cut off power to all of lower campus on Sunday, March 9th from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to complete important work on the co-generation plant.

Gleeson Library | Geschke Center will be open during its regularly scheduled hours on March 9th despite the power outage. Our aim is to provide a warm, dry place to study. We urge users to stay by windows and go only where they are comfortable within the library. Please remember no library equipment that requires electricity will be functional on March 9th—there will be no USF Wireless, no computing in the library’s labs, and no printing.

The power outage will also impact on-campus and off-campus access to our electronic resources. Regardless of being at home or at USF, users will not be able to access our online catalog, Ignacio, nor any of our online databases on March 9th. Once power is restored to the lower campus, we will work to get access restored as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We thank you for your understanding.

Are you a poet? We want you!

Do you write poetry or know someone who does? Then keep reading!

Gleeson Library | Geschke Center is accepting submissions for its annual student, staff, and faculty poetry reading in celebration of National Poetry Month. The reading will take place on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 5:30 – 7 pm.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please apply by emailing the selection committee at

The deadline to send us the following information is Wednesday, March 19, 2014

  • Your name
  • Your contact info
  • A writing sample of 3-5 poems (max. 10 pages) that represents what type of work you intend to read
  • A little bit about yourself and what you study/teach/do at USF
  • A list of 5-30 books or authors that are essential to your life as a poet

If you apply, please make sure you will be available to read on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 5:30 – 7 pm.


Please understand the number of readers on the program will be limited and the selection committee is seeking a diverse representation of USF poets. We anticipate not being able to accept all applicants. Decisions of the selection committee are final.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to read your poetry, so why wait? Send us your application now!

The Gleeson Library Poetry Selection Committee

Colette Hayes – Stacks Coordinator
Matthew Collins – Senior Assistant Head of Access Services
Kelci Baughman McDowell – Reference Library Assistant

Farewell, Kathy

Eric Ewen, Head of Cataloging, wrote the following piece on the recent retirement of Kathy Woo, Head of Acquisitions.


Kathy Woo, center, at the library table of a campus involvement fair.

Our beloved colleague Kathleen Ann Magri Woo joined the Gleeson Library as an assistant cataloger at precisely 9:00 A.M. on Tuesday, September 3, 1974.  On the ecclesiastical calendar it was the Feast of St. Gregory the Great, which portended the great things Kathy was to achieve during her long and illustrious career here.  Also, on that auspicious day, two other junior librarians became members of the Gleeson staff, namely, Eric Ewen (assistant cataloger) and the late Steven Corey (special collections librarian).  Never before or since has Gleeson hired three librarians on the same day.  It was a glorious moment for the late Dean Robert L. Gitler.

In those days technical services—cataloging and acquisitions—had no offices or cubicles.  It was a sea of desks.  [The poor reference librarians had it worse; they had  to share desks!]  Everyone had a typewriter.  There were no computers.  The only automation consisted of a photocopy machine.  Yet everyone was happy and productive.

The starting salary was $8,848 per annum.  We all thought that was a lot of money.  Believe it or not, technical service librarians, but not reference librarians, were allowed to smoke at their desks.  Catalogers, of course, knew better; only some of the acquisitions staff took advantage of this dubious privilege.

In 1974 the Catalog Department consisted of 4.5 FTE librarians and 4.0 FTE technical staff.  Nearly all incoming library materials were in print format.  Among her general duties, Kathy cataloged all non-book items, which were mainly music and spoken sound recordings.

After three years as a cataloger, Kathy transferred to the Reference Department in 1977.  She said her experience in cataloging helped her become a better reference librarian.  With due respect to the senior reference staff at the time, patrons found Kathy to be neither intimidating nor unapproachable.  Patrons, like her colleagues today, found her to be warm, friendly, personable, and helpful.

Kathy applied for and was selected as the Head Periodicals Librarian when that position became available in 1980.  Here she oversaw a print journal collection of more than 2,400 titles.  This work was to occupy her for the next twenty years.

In the meantime Kathy was busy outside of the library.  She married her husband Gordon, obtained a second master’s degree in modern European history from San Francisco State University, gave birth to and raised a “king’s family” (that is a girl, Lauren, and a boy, David).

Time passed.  In 2000 when Mrs. Hille Novak retired as Head Acquisitions Librarian, Kathy applied for that position and was selected.  This was her fourth position at Gleeson, all in different departments, two of which she headed.  It is a characteristic of Kathy that she was always looking for new challenges, new opportunities and new responsibilities.  This is perhaps what makes her not only the most complete librarian at Gleeson, but also the perfect librarian.  [“To improve is to change.  To be perfect is to change often.”—Churchill].

Now after fourteen years as Head Acquisitions Librarian, and more than thirty-nine years at Gleeson altogether, Kathy Woo is retiring from active duty, as it were.  She is leaving behind a rich and enviable legacy.  She will be highly respected for many accomplishments, perhaps the most significant of which is her work in acquisitions.  Here she built many fine relationships with faculty, oversaw the development and preservation of scholarly collections, and, most importantly, managed the intricate transition of library resources from the print world to the electronic world.  At all times she maintained the highest academic and ethical standards and used the financial and personnel assets at her command to provide maximum benefit to Gleeson’s clientele.  Kathy is a gifted librarian and is herself a gift to the library.  [“Life’s greatest gift is to work hard at work worth doing.”—T. Roosevelt.]

Even though she is leaving the library, Kathy’s future looks very bright as Librarian Emerita.  She will have postcards to write (from London, Paris, New York, and Maui), lots of sustained narrative reading to do, silent film festivals to attend, and grandchildren to spoil.  May she find as much happiness and success in retirement as she did when she moved easily and gracefully about the Gleeson Library.


Check out Gleeson

Sure Gleeson Library is a website, but it is also a building. Curious about where things are in Gleeson?  Join us for a library tour. The tours last about 30 minutes and a library staff member takes you around the building, shows you where things are located, and tells you about some of the library’s services available to help you.

Join us:

Tuesday January 21 @ 3pm

Wednesday January 22 @ 11am

Thursday January 23 @ 12 noon

Friday January 24 @ 10am

Saturday January 25 @ 2pm

No need to sign up–just meet us inside the library in the lobby by the fountain.