Please join us for Open Access Week!

Next week we’ll be holding three events for international Open Access Week: Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge. How to publish in open access venues with CRASE Tuesday, October 23 at 2:30pm Gleeson Library Electronic Classroom Room 139 This interactive workshop will address the fear and uncertainty around open access to demystify the new publishing … Continue reading Please join us for Open Access Week!

Campus FrankenFest Begins Today at Gleeson Library | Geschke Center

According to the Shelley-Godwin archive, Mary Shelley conceived of her famous novel, Frankenstein, during a summer stay in Geneva that sounds like the summers we know in San Francisco: cold. A year and a half later, in January of 1818, Shelley anonymously published the novel, and the rest is history — a rich history, of … Continue reading Campus FrankenFest Begins Today at Gleeson Library | Geschke Center

Feast of St. Jerome

The feast day of St. Jerome – Sunday, September 30th – is upon us! Gleeson Library celebrates St. Jerome because he is the patron saint of libraries, librarians, and scholars. Born in 347 and died circa 419, Jerome devoted his life to asceticism, monastic studies, and biblical scholarship. His most notable work is a Latin … Continue reading Feast of St. Jerome

Fantastic voyages

Articles about a couple of books caught my eye today. Both feature fantastic voyages, though one was real and one entirely fictional. The first book, Aurura Australis, was the first ever printed in Antarctica — written, illustrated, AND printed by bored and lonely sailors aboard the Nimrod on the first of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions, … Continue reading Fantastic voyages