Peer Review and the web

The New York Times recently published an interesting article about how the traditional peer review process is being looked at in the context of the democracy of the web. It described an experiment by the journal Shakespeare Quarterly which posted four articles not yet accepted for publication and invited people to submit comments on the … Continue reading Peer Review and the web

Quick Response Codes

By now you might have seen a few of these funny looking things around Gleeson Library or the Lone Mountain Reading Room.  They are called Quick Response (QR) codes. When scanned by a smart phone you can download all sorts of information. For example, if you scan the code to the right with your smart … Continue reading Quick Response Codes

Chemistry master’s theses are now available full-text online

With 131 chemistry theses available full-text online, the chemistry phase of the Master’s Thesis Project is now finished. The chemistry theses are searchable by content, using “Thesis Keyword,” under Advanced Keyword Search in Ignacio.” The image below is from Youling Zou’s 2005 thesis, Attempted identification and characterization of metallothionein in Dictyostelium discoideum, and depicts the … Continue reading Chemistry master’s theses are now available full-text online

E-textbooks experiment — wave of the future?

In 6 Lessons One Campus Learned About E-Textbooks the Chronicle of Higher Education provides an intriguing report on Northwest Missouri State University’s experiment with e-textbooks. In a move to cut costs of the campus textbook-rental program, the university provided 240 students with textbooks on Sony Reader devices. Frustrated with the software and format, the next … Continue reading E-textbooks experiment — wave of the future?

Biology master’s theses are now available full-text online.

 Following the digitization of our computer science and theology master’s theses, we now have a total of 123 biology master’s theses available full-text online. They cover a period dating from the present, back to 1950. With the exception of a few of the very oldest, whose text defied character recognition, these are all searchable by … Continue reading Biology master’s theses are now available full-text online.

New Computers

We’ve gotten rid of our 4-year-old computers in the Reference and Periodicals Rooms, replacing 17 Dells and 12 Apples all with new iMacs like the ones pictured above. These computers have been specially configured to run Windows XP in addition to Mac OS X. At startup, you can choose which operating system you would like … Continue reading New Computers

Taking on Google – Cuil

A new search engine launched yesterday has been causing quite a buzz. Cuil (pronounced “cool”), was founded by a couple of ex-Google employees and does a few things differently than other search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (the big-three have about 90% of the search market). As you can see below, successful searches … Continue reading Taking on Google – Cuil

Got Fax?

Need to send a fax? Students and staff can send faxes at the University Center. Go to the Event Services and Information Desk Room 301, on the 3rd floor of the UC. (The office is right in front of you when you walk in the entrance from Harney Plaza.) It costs 50 cents per page. Continue reading Got Fax?